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Stair's Wife Teressa Didn't Want to Sing

by Tammy

(The following is an analysis of a broadcast of Brother Stair's that aired May 6, 2000)

I just thought I would share with you the most recent news I have on what Br. Stair has been saying on his broadcasts .

1. He claims those who go back to the original meanings of words, are trying to twist the Scriptures to make them say what they want them to say. He tries to prove this by misquoting some verses. He goes on talking about all of us who study the Scriptures and want to know the original meanings from the Greek and Hebrew are just being foolish and are only doing it to make the Scriptures say what we want them to say.

2. This morning I was listening to him talk about how God has given him the means to promote his message in such a way, and talking about me, me, me and speaking about his followers we, we, we on and on, totally self-centered blabbering. He then wants his wife to come sing "The Old Rugged Cross."

He didn't ask her, he told her to come up there and sing it. She must have said, "no"many times because he pleaded, quoted verses to her, telling her many times to come up there, she just kept refusing to come up and sing. He then said, "come on, if you stand up and sing your pain will go away." She also refuses.

I was thinking, what is going on there? What kind of pain is she in? Why does he keep trying to demand that she do this, when it is very clear to all listening that she does not what to, or feel up to it. I then thought, how is this going to end. Is he going to make her do it? Is she going to give in, in the end?

All of a sudden, Stair tells someone to put on some music, and music plays for about 15 to 20 minutes, and sure enough, Stair comes back on and says, "Here is Sister Stair to sing." She sings the song very nicely all the way through, all verses, and then as soon as she was done, she must have walked out of the building. Because Stair kept calling her back, he said, "Come back here into my presence, Come back here Theresa, What did you do, lock yourself out?"

He then goes on to say something about all his followers needed to be in his presence, and then said , Now, I am not Jesus Christ about three times. Theresa (Stair's wife) must have said something about she would sing the song, but she wouldn't sing it for him, but for God, because the things Stair was saying sorta went along those lines? (That is just my idea of she might have said to him).

I wonder if she is starting to have her eyes opened to the truth? If she could be breaking the bonds somehow? Hard to say, but I feel we need to pray for her that God is working on her heart and to see the error of her husband's ways.

One of Stair's pastors then comes on to present the sermon, I did not listen to this unfortunately, because this pastor must have tried to condone the little scene all to MR. Stairs advantage of course.

Stair then comes on and says something about the whole community was showing some sort of sin against him (Stair) and it was just showing through his wife. He was just being his normal self and always trying to prove himself by his lies. Explaining every thing away and misplacing the things that happen as some sort of great act of God, when in reality it is just his natural self, being the ruling almighty leader and all those are just puppets led around believing everything as what he says as truth.

It is clear he has total control and his wife starts to show a little rebellion and he turns it around to mean something else and always to his favor. Let's all pray for Theresa Stair that she is having doubts as to her husbands ministry and that the Lord is working on her heart to the truth of His saving grace, rest, mercy and love.

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