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A Critique of the Teachings of False Teacher Brother Stair

The following is a collection of critiques of the teachings of Brother R G Stair, better known as Brother Stair.

Someone asked me if I knew anything about Brother Stair. His name sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place his beliefs. I found out that Stair proclaims himself as "The Last Day Prophet of God" and is broadcasting his radio programs across the US and around the world via shortwave radio.

I searched the Internet and, besides Stair's own web pages, I came up with several sites that have critiqued him. However, I prefer to get original documents to critique if possible, rather than taking another's word for what someone said (which might have been taken out of context). I couldn't find any of his sermons in text, only audio, and I didn't want to wait weeks to get them through the mail so I sought out a local radio station where I could record him myself.

And lo and behold I realized I have been listening to him myself when my radio first turns on in the morning. I had been listening to another local radio teacher that I thoroughly enjoyed when Stair took over that time slot (5:30 am) and his sermons were so off the wall I just flicked him off every morning without bothering to change the channel, hoping the other teacher would come back on.

However, now I have several hours of Stair's sermons recorded on tape and believe I have heard enough to be very concerned about the teachings of this man that claims to be a Prophet of God.

RG Stair's so-called "Commands of the Lord":

  1. Get out of the cities.
  2. Get out of debt.
  3. Get out of the churches.
  4. Get the TV out of your home.
  5. Stop going to doctors.
  6. Get with God's people (few in number).
  7. Be prepared to wait for His coming until.

Some of these commands appear innocuous, and others downright dangerous. The following critique provides an introduction to Stair's background with several articles on Stair's false teachings linked from that article, such as: Stair's Historical Background, and Stair's Vehement Anti-PreTrib Stance, where he claims the PreTrib doctrine is a damnable heresy; Stair's Erroneous Seven Women Theory where he is shown to take Scripture out of context; and A critique of Stair's, "Who Then Can Be Saved" where he claims that going to the doctor, watching TV, etc., is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, i.e., unforgivable sins. Also check out personal testimonies.

Personal Testimonies From Those who have been Exposted to Brother Stair's False Teachings

Josh M. Bennett has written his personal testimoney about his experience living under Brother Stair's harsh control in the Overcomer Community.

Pam has written about her experience when trying to confront Stair with his false teachings.

A testimony from Brian, a long-time believer in Stair, explains how and why he was drawn into Stair's clutches and what opened his eyes to enable him to enable him to see him for what he is.

The following critique of one of Stair's broadcasts points out how he forced his wife to sing for one of his broadcasts when she was obviously in pain in Stair's Wife Theresa Refuses to Sing

Other articles on Brother Stair

Picture of Brother Stair being led away in Handcuffs!

Over 80 people recently left Brother Stair's cult. PRAISE THE LORD!! Several testimonies of those coming out of Brother Stair's cult can be found at False Prophet Stair via The Net Team where ex members can talk privately and securely with each other online.

The article Apocalypse Now by Clete Hux contains an analysis of the teachings of Brother Stair.

A Personal Critique of Brother Stair by Tammy of Brother Stair's Broadcast, 02/10/00.

The Doctrines of R. G. Stair by Joseph R. Chambers, D.D., contains quotes from Stair stating he has taken the place of Christ.

Actual correspondence between Stair and those that dare to rebuke him: Balaam's Ass Journal.

A list of Stair's failed prophecies on the Watchman site.

Stair's involvement in an infant's death Stillborn Infant Death Devastates South Carolina Doomsday Group by William M. Alnor, of CRI (Christian Research Institute).

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