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Spokane Outpouring's False Teachings

If you have had your ear tuned to the latest "prophet" frequency you may have heard that Spokane, Washington is supposedly going to be a safe haven during the endtimes (The Great Tribulation).

Spokane - a Mecca for False Prophet's, New Agers, Occultists and UFOers

It is interesting that not only so-called "prophets" but also New Agers, as well as Occultists and UFOers are proclaiming Spokane as the next prophetic "Mecca." Their leaders are moving to Spokane in droves to escape God's wrath along with their followers. Woe unto Spokane!!!

Articles Exposing Spokane "Healing" Rooms, MSOG, Joel's Army, ...

The following articles, written by myself and others, present quite a different picture of this "outpouring" that is descending on Spokane--one of false teachings, deception and failed prophecy. It remains to be seen if the healings coming out of their "Healing Room" in Spokane are permanent or just temporary like so many other healings that originate from false prophets.

This movement also proclaims they are part of Joel's Army, which is suppoedly made up of God's warriors that will bring in Revival in the last days. However there is one thing these recruits seem to overlook--scripture says that Joel's Army is an army of Locusts that God himself sends on the land in judgment and it's only AFTER they devour every good thing in the land and they are driven away by God himself, that He sends the harvest (see the article by Andrew Strom below).

However, as you may have noticed on other critiques of "Prophets" on this site they don't pay much attention to what Scripture says because they are too busy writing their own.

This movement, more than any other will be responsible for the following scripture coming true:

"The time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service." John 16:2

If anyone would like to critique the writings of "prophets" congregating in Spokane, please send them to me and I'll be glad to post them on Endtime Prophets. If you have similar articles posted on a web site of your own let me know where you post them and I'll gladly link up to them.

The Spokane "Prophets"

Mark Wattenford: Mark Wattenford wrote me shortly before the NY disaster and stated that he is no longer prophecying and hasn't for over a year and asked that I take my critiques of his prophecies offline. I checked this out on the net and it appears to be true. He gave me permission to post his reason why here:

"If you wish to post anything of me... You may consider simply posting 'Mark Wattenford has repented of all of his former insanities.' "

I have chosen to believe Mark and have therefore removed the links to his writings. If I find out this isn't true I will upload them again, but I really do not think this will be necessary. Please keep Mark in prayer.

John G. Lake: "The Healing Rooms Deception" used to contain several articles exposing the false teachings of John G. Lake, founder of the Healing Rooms movement who claimed to be God. (no longer online)

Cal Pierce: Exposing the false teachings and false healings coming out of the Spokane Healing Rooms in A Critique of Cal Pierce's How to Keep Your Healing Oct. 29, 00

A critique of Cal Pierce's claims re the Spokane Healing Rooms and information regarding the "founder" of the Healing Rooms, John G. Lake, and thus the Spokane Outpouring, can be found in Cal Pierce and Spokane's Healing Rooms

Exposing the Manifest Sons of God Movement

A very good online book that exposes the scriptural distortions of the Manifested Sons of God (MSOG) is Strange Fire by Travers and Jewel van der Merwe.

William Branham: William Branham was probably THE "founding father" of the Manifest Sons of God (MSOG) movement, an insidious cancer in the church. He was heavily involved in the occult, as are many of today's so-called "prophets," such as Paul Cain. That's where their power comes from (the occult). Paul Cain is one of the promoters of the Spokane Outpouring. A good book on the MSOG is Vengeance is Ours by Al Dager

The Apologetics Index has several links to info on the MSOG (click on the M and then scroll down for Manifest Sons of God).

Strange Fire: The Rise of Gnosticism in the Church by Travers and Jewel van der Merwe deals extensively with Manifest Sons of God Movement.

The Manifest Sons of God Teaching by Mike Oppenheimer is another good resource on the Manifest Sons of God movement.

The Truth about Joel's Army by Andrew Strom uncovers the real agenda behind Joel's Army.

An article exposing the dangers of the Manifest Sons of God movement: Strange Fire and False Anointing by Jeannette Haley of Gentle Shepherd Ministries.

Exposing the Five-fold Ministry

The Five-Fold Ministry founded on Error by By Lori Eldridge. An article showing the scriptural errors in the five-fold ministry.

The Five Fold Ministry and Spiritual Abuse by TN Valley Bible Students Association

The Faulty Foundation of the Five-Fold Ministry by Robert M. Bowman, Jr.

Exposing the Deliverance Ministries - Cleansing Stream

Is Jesus Cleansing His Church with Cleansing stream? Mike Openheimer, of Let us Reason ministries, analyzes the Cleansing Stream ministy (Jack Hayford, president), which claims to deliver believers from demonic posession and other bondages, and shows why it is not biblical.

Tom Launder's critique of the Cleansing Stream

Lori Eldridge
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