Endtime Prophets

Exposing The Empty Promises of Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers sounds like a good organization for men to be involved in, i.e., honor Christ, practicing good morals, commit to your marriage, pray for others, aim for biblical unity, obey the commandments, and more. However some of their beliefs and practices distort the Scriptures.

For instance, was Jesus tempted by homosexuality and sex outside of marriage? Did he lust after Mary Magdalene? Was he just "one of the guys"? Was Jesus mainly concerned with people's social, political and physical needs? Was Jesus always tolerant and loving to everyone? Did he tell us it's ok to have fellowship with works of Darkness? Did he tell us to love those who teach another gospel or hate the Lord?

If you can say "no" to even one of the above, and you think Promise Keepers is a godly organization then I encourage you to read the following articles that prove differently because all of the above statements are promoted by Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers: Should Fundamentalists Get Involved? by Miguel Betancourt II, is a well documented article with quotes from official Promise Keeper's documents exposing the REAL gospel and the FALSE Christ that is being promoted through PK.

Promise Keepers: Important Developments documents the changes in PK's statement of belief in 1997 so that Catholics would join their organization, i.e., Catholics requested they take out the words "through faith alone" and they obliged.