Endtime Prophets

A letter from Pam about Brother Stair

Dear Lori
I've been looking for a site on this crazy guy for a while and finally found yours among a few others. I was listening to this guy on an A.M. station in Syracuse, New York around 1994 and 1995.

I heard him say that if Jesus didn't return by the year 2000 that he was going to quit preaching and we'd never hear from him again. Sometime in 1995 the radio station quit carrying his program and I never heard him again.

Just recently while flipping through some a.m. stations looking for some talk radio I heard his voice again. I couldn't believe it. I instantly remembered his 2000 prediction.

I found his website and e-mailed him asking him why he was still on the radio preaching when he said he would stop if Jesus didn't return in year the 2000. I got a reply which simply said -- "You never heard Brother Stair say that. If you don't want to hear him, just turn off the radio." Basically, they called me a liar!

Anyway, in either 1994 or 1995 I heard him during a preaching sermon to his followers yelling at them terribly (He was in a vile mood that day). Anyway, he was calling them peanut heads, and the usual insults.

Apparently they had complained about something and he ordered them to harvest the crops the next day and not throw the produce (corn or potatoes don't remember) into the back of the truck but to pick it up and place each piece one by one into the truck by hand.

He was always screaming about the sin of women wearing pants and it being obscene (women's bare arms were acceptable though). Men wearing shorts was sinful.

Apparently his mailman was a Christian but his downfall was that he wore shorts in warm weather. Brother Stair just stopped speaking to the mailman.

My breaking point was during one tirade about his followers he was screaming and said he asked God what to do with his followers (who apparently weren't pleasing him) and he asked God if God wanted him to "kill them."

This guy is definitely no prophet of God. He is all about fear. I never hear him speaking of God's love and acceptance. It's only about his wrath and judgment. Eternal hell and damnation. The wicked people and the government.

Keep up the good work, Lori!

I would be really interested in hearing from some of Stair's former followers who actually lived with him at the Walterboro site.


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