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Are There Prophets Today?

This article will investigate what the Bible says about the question, "Are There Prophets Today?".

wolf in sheep's clothing

Today's "Profits" Never have 100% true Prophecies

They speak partial truths, that this nation needs to repent, which is true, but their prophecies about what's coming do not pan out. Not even ONE of them saw what was coming for the NY tragedy on September 11, 2001 which should settle this matter for good. As Deut 13:1-4 says, (see below) we are to ignore them. We should be analyzing scripture instead. Who is it who wants us to get our eyes off scripture, anyway???

deuteronomy 13, 1 to 3 - a warning about false prophets

Not One Prophet Was Correct on President Trump Winning a 2nd Term

All those so-called "prophets", like False Prophet Kim Clement, claiming Trump would win a 2nd term didn't know that Trump was the last president of the US Corporation Inc. that was formed in 1871 that made us all tax slaves. The US Corp was dissolved as of 12:01 am on 1-20-21 which means that Biden was inaugurated to an extinct Government. Biden is a fake president, signing fake EOs, in a fake office after a fake inauguration and all those involved are guilty of treason. Trump, however, will be the next president of the renewed US of America which was reinstituted on 7-4-20. None of the "prophets" foresaw these details. Why? Because they are all fake prophets. See this video of multiple prophets proclaiming Trump would win a 2nd term.

The "gift" vs the "office" of Prophet

There is a difference between the "gift" of prophecy (defending and speaking forth the ESTABLISHED Word of God) and the "Office" of Prophet (speaking forth NEW revelations from God and establishing scripture). The gift is still in effect, but not the office. The following video goes into more detail on this subject:

Is God restoring the offices of apostle and prophet in the church today?

John the Baptist was the Elijah that Was to Come

It is claimed by many that Malaki 4:5-6 indicates there will be an endtime prophet named Elijah (that's why we have so many who call themselves "Elijah" now). However Jesus said that Elija's coming was fulfilled in John the Baptist who came in the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1:17) as well as the following:

"For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come. He who has ears, let him hear." Matt. 11:14

Warnings About False Prophets in the End Times:

Jude 3-4 content for the faith that was entrusted to the saints

Please notice that Jude did not say we are to listen to the prophets living in OUR day but rely on those in THEIR DAY. This means we have to avoid anyone who attempts to add or take away from what the scriptures have relayed to us.

Jude called them "godless men". And you can tell they are godless men when they deny Jesus Christ, i.e., they preach a false gospel--usually one of works, which betrays a lack of understanding of The Grace of God and thus a false Gospel.

The author of Hebrews also said the prophets of the Old Testament were no longer needed because now we have the words of the Son of God himself:

" In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, 2 but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe.";(Heb 1;1-3)

Christ was the Last Prophet so there are No Prophets Today

slash over no prophets today

Notice it says "in the past" God spoke thru the prophets but NOW he speaks thru the Son and He does this through the Word in the Holy Bible. This should be enough to squelch this argument of any more of them being needed since Christ-- He was the last one that was to come that God promised to Moses (Deut 18:18).

Why do we need new and improved revelations when we have the Word of God himself to guide us? The scriptures clearly lay out what will happen during the end times. The book of Revelation uses a lot of references from the Old Testament. Those who have read their Bible through several times will more fully understand scriptures referring to the End Times.

We Already have all the Prophecies we need to Guide us Through the End Times.

We were given the scriptures in the Holy Bible which should be enough to guide us through the end times, but for some people this is not enough, and thus we have false prophets feeding the itching ears of the people. The same thing happened in the books of Daniel and Isaiah when astrologers lied to the king to placate him that doom was not coming when the Prophets of God had said otherwise.

However, now it's the false prognosticators trying to placate the people telling them if they repent revival will come when scripture indicates we are heading for apostasy instead (2 Thess 2).

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge."
(Hosea 4:6)

Today's Prophets

One of the typical critiques of this website was from someone who said:"Sorry to say I looked over your list and many are not false prophets - please remove and repent you have been warn!" signed, Pastor and Prophet so-and-so (notice the wrong grammar and punctuation).


Any prophets today that are speaking new revelations are ADDING TO the Word of God that was already established, which scripture forbids. When people claim that we must listen to the visions and new revelations spoken by today's "profits" they are telling us the Scripture is insufficient for our needs which leads us to listen to men instead of God and ignore the Word of God, the Bible. This is exactly what Satan wants us to do.

Therefore, I Don't believe there is even one true "prophet" today on the face of the earth at the present time, because Scripture has clearly indicated why there are no prophets today. All of today's "profits" are putting out false prophecies that fail and/or are teaching another gospel.

Also see why there are No Apostles Today

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