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Mother Teresa's False Gospel to the Lost

Did Mother Teresa teach the true Biblical Gospel or did she teach a false Gospel to the Lost?

mother teresa's false gospel

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The following are quotes from a biography called, Mother Teresa: Missionary of Charity by Sam Wellman, Barbour Publishers. This book quotes from many other biographies on Mother Teresa and this publisher has a long list of biographies dedicated to Heroes of the faith. Which "faith" this series of books are promoting is the question.

I read this book to confirm my suspicions that Mother Teresa indeed left the dying to adhere to their idols and false gods on their death beds without even trying to turn them to Christ.

While she was indeed a very humble and loving person as regards the poor, and she had a strong faith in God providing for her needs, she also had untold thousands of opportunities to witness to those on their death bed and she deliberately chose not to present the salvation message to them as I will show below.

There was not even one instance of anyone being saved in this book in the true meaning of salvation as presented in the NT. Following are quotes from the above book:

The following is a portion of the constitution of her order, Missionaries of Charity:

"Our special mission is to work for the salvation and holiness of the poorest of the poor. As Jesus was sent by the Father, so he sends us, full of his spirit, to proclaim the gospel of his love and pity among the poorest of the poor throughout the world. Our special task will be to proclaim Jesus Christ to all peoples, above all those who who are in our care." (Pg 103)."

This sounds fine and good, until you realize by reading the rest of the book and understand what she means by the words "salvation" and "gospel."

Their vows contained the following:

"To fulfill our mission of compassion and love to the poorest of the poor we go:"

  • seeking ... the poorest, the abandoned, the sick, the infirm, the leprosy patients, the dying, the desperate, the lost, the outcasts
  • taking care of them
  • rendering help to them
  • visiting them assiduously
  • living Christ's love for them and awakening their response to His great love.

Please notice she doesn't mention witnessing to them about Christ and that he died for their sins. There is not one word that even compares to God's plan of salvation that Jesus gave his disciples after he was resurrected:

"Go and MAKE DISCIPLES of all nations, BAPTISING them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and TEACHING THEM TO OBEY everything I have commanded you." (Matt. 28:19)

When setting up a house for the dying in an abandoned Hindu temple of Kali in Calcutta, which she called Nirmal Hiriday, where one thousand people a year came to die, she was told the following:

"There will be rumors you are converting them [they dying] into Christians in their dying moments. " And she replied, "We do convert people. We convert Hindus into better Hindus. Muslims into better Muslims." (pg 114).

"Most were beyond saving physically. After all, they were only admitted if the hospitals refused them. But they could be saved emotionally." (Pg 116).

No mention is made of their spiritual condition, just that they were comforted in their last days with loving care.

"All who entered the wards, dying or otherwise, quickly realized the solemnity, the importance of the place. How paramount it was to bring a person peace before they met God. 'After all, they are passing on into eternity,' realized most visitors with shock." (page 118).

Yes, an eternity where they will now have to face the real God, and he will say to them, "I never knew you" because they were never told about him or his teachings like Jesus instructed his disciples, as we saw above.

In another house Mother Teresa started, called Shishu Bhavan in Calcutta, it was stated:

"There was vicious gossip about Shishu Bhavan at first. All babies were baptized as Christians, said the rumormongers. But the reputation of the sisters was strong now. they walked into the slums all the time. The slum-dwellers knew the sisters did not convert. All they did was urge one and all to pray." (Pg 131).

Pray to who? Obviously their own gods, because by her own words she did not convert or attempt to turn them from their own gods.

Thus she did not present the true gospel to those she served. She took care of their physical and emotional needs but left their spiritual needs unattended to and they ended up as lost as they were when she first came to help them. And yet the Catholic church is considering making her a saint. That doesn't say much for the qualification for Sainthood.

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