Endtime Prophets

Benny Hinn's Selective Healing

by Chrystal D.

Dear Lori,
I don't know why I'm writing this. I have never been to a Benny Hinn crusade personally; my knowledge of him is only what I've seen on television. But, what I saw almost three years ago still breaks my heart and plagues me all this time later. I have not been able to shake it, so when I saw your page on "Endtime Prophets", I thought I would write you and share what I saw.

I know that watching Benny Hinn on television is nothing like seeing him in person, but every once in a while (even though the programs are edited), something will get through that perhaps they never intended to get on the air. What I saw about three years ago still bothers me until this day.

NEWS BULLETIN: A so-called Faith-Healer Gathering at the grand opening of the Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center, scheduled for March 31, 2020, was cancelled due to the Coronavirus! What does this tell you -- that when a "real" sickness comes forward these false charlatans run for cover. Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn and many others were planning to attend but the virus scared them off.

While watching his (Benny Hinn's) show late one night, it was the part of the service where people were coming up on stage to give a report of their healing, and being slain in the spirit. Many were coming, and many were giving the report that they had been miraculously healed, just before being slain in the spirit by the mere touch of the hand of Benny Hinn.

The camera panned wide, and in front of the platform where Hinn stands, many people were gathered waiting for prayer, and more than likely healing. I watched Hinn, and instead of getting off of his platform, laying hands on these people, praying for them, and laboring over them in prayer, he looked right over their heads to the crowd behind them. It was while he was doing this that I saw something that is haunting me even until this day, and whenever I think of it I feel like weeping.

I'm sure the producers, or the people who work for Hinn never want stuff like this to be seen, or if they do, they probably don't think anyone will pick up on it. But what I saw was this.....There was a man standing among those who had gathered in front of the stage. He was an elderly man, who looked to be somewhere in his 70's.

It didn't take spiritual discernment to tell that he was there because he desired healing. His hands and arms were shaking uncontrollably, like most people do when they suffer from Parkinson's disease. He looked up at Benny Hinn with such expectation in his eyes. He looked up like he was so desperate, and just wanted to be prayed for. I can still see him standing there.

Yet, person after person came out of the audience and was allowed to step foot on the stage and proclaim how they had been healed, but this old man, and the others standing along side him, were completely overlooked. From what I saw, he never did pray for these people. It is the memory of the look on the old man's face, which was pure desperation, and almost a pleading, which still haunts me. He never did pray for him.

I know that this seems so trivial. I guess it probably is, but it is something that breaks my heart. I guess that in the whole order of things, Benny Hinn doesn't deal in laying on of hands so that they may recover. He only deals in representing those who say they are already healed.

What has happened to the heart of compassion? One needed only to look into the face of the old man and know that he had a need. I always thought that we were to labor together in prayer. What good does it do the sick to hear that others are healed, when they themselves have been overlooked? I know that "faith-healers" probably think that seeing others healed will increase their faith. But it doesn't work that way more often than not.

I know that when people are facing a cancer diagnosis, or a thing that has turned their lives completely upside down, it can be devastating to them to see that they are being overlooked and ignored for the immediate gratification of hearing a healing report. Also, it keeps the minister who is leading these services in the popular vote with the people. I mean, God forbid that Hinn should actually go into the crowd and lay hands on these people. I mean, what happens if nothing happens?

I'm sorry, this is just something that has eaten away at me for a long time. It still burdens my heart. Now, about three years later, I think about that old man and can't help but wonder how he is faring.

Needless to say, I don't watch Hinn any longer. Too much has happened on his program to not only turn me away, but to hurt me as well. I have watched and found that Hinn's doctrine is, in alot of things, blatantly false. If people think that you can't be hurt by watching people like Hinn on the television, then please think again. I don't want to see people hurt or slighted. My heart can't bear it.

Thank you for listening to me. I appreciate your time. In Christ, Chrystal D.

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