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A Critique of Bill Hamon's False Prophecy on America

The following is a critique of Bill Hamon's false prophecy regarding the Attack on America September 11, 2001 and what he considers the "Army of the Lord". It is based on an article that came from Bill Hamon's web site at cimn.net/attack/index.html (which is no longer online). I have only included those portions that I intend to comment on.

(False teacher/prophet quotes are in purple and indented, my
comments are in plain text and scripture is in teal. False teachers rarely use scripture. I have only included those portions I intend to comment on.)

"Wake Up Call to America and the Church." The Lord gave me a prophetic vision in 1992 of a potential worldwide war.

"Potential" world war? Wasn't God sure?

A description of that vision follows. . . . If the Church in America doesn't rise up and intercede for turnaround, we can expect more tragedy to befall us.

Please notice that Hamon says it is the "Church" that needs to repent and not the nation itself. Is this true? The term "Church" in the bible means true believers, but it has a different meaning in Hamon's vocabulary--it means all those that don't buy into the Apostolic/Prophetic movement of which Hamon is one of the leaders, i.e., all those who oppose his teachings.

On Tuesday, five thousand or so lives were lost (praise God that it was not the tens of thousands that could have been lost). I believe we will see that these lives that were sown will reap America's awakening and returning to God. . . . For years we have been sensing that things were going to get worse in the world but better and more glorious in the Church. This is a time for us to rise up as the Army of the Lord, pointing the way to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

The term "Army of the Lord" is used by the Manifest Son's of God Movement, now known as the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation). They believe they will be the ones who bring the world to it's knees, which has absolutely no scriptural support. Scripture indicates the Church will head into apostasy during the Endtimes (2 Thessalonians 2) not revival.

Here is a video from Lamb and Lion Ministries that shows through scripture that America is not mentioned in Bible Prophecy:

"The Present War of the Church" By Dr. Bill Hamon. Note: This vision was included in the 1997 Word of the Lord booklet. We are reprinting it here because of its continued relevance. I sense that in the past four years the Church has won part of this war in the spiritual realm; however, more intercession and spiritual warfare are needed.

In 1992, God gave me a prophetic vision of the Third World War that the devil has planned. Since then God has expanded on the vision and given me some more insight. I have preached and prophesied this message in several nations so that we can be prepared. Basically the Lord said He is going to work mercy until the end of 2002. After that, if the Church and government of America has not turned the nation back to God, then He is going to remove His blessings and protection.

Please notice that this nation was supposed to receive God's Mercy until the end of 2002. This makes Hanson either a false prophet or God goofed because of the horrendeous attack in NY that took the lives of 5000 people on Sept. 11, 2001, which just happens to be the greatest casuality loss in the last century. Even the world wars did not have that many casualties in one day.

This spirit will soon arise in China, the Islamic nations and a couple of existing communist nations. These nations have plans to become allies in this coming world war in their single objective of ruling the world, similar to how Germany, Japan, and Italy became allies in World War II.

Negotiations have been taking place behind closed doors since 1992. The ensuing conflict will become known as the East/West War. The Eastern nations' goal is to overthrow the European Common Market nations and then take over America and the rest of the world. Russia and America will become allies with the European Common Market nations.

Hamon prophesied falsely again because it was America that was attacked first not the European Common Market nations. And at that time China was offering their help in combatting terrorism with America, as was Russia.

In the end, all the Eastern allies will be defeated IF the war is fought in the natural. However, the Lord revealed that after it is over, the United States of America will no longer be recognized as the dominating world leader to whom the rest of the world looks for security, prosperity, and stabilization.

I would agree with this but only if America is Mystery Babylon as prophesided in Rev 18 which Hamon hasn't stated so far. And if not, which Bible prophecy is he using to substantiate this? As you will notice Bill Hamon rarely cites biblical prophecy.

The united European Community will assume the dominating position in the world. What Satan meant for evil, God will use to fulfill His purpose. God will use the occasion to cause China to be open to the Gospel. And for the first time since the sixth century, all the nations that have been ruled by Islam will be set free and the Gospel will be preached freely in those nations. More people will be saved in that day and hour than have been saved since the third century of the Church.

Please notice that Bill Hamon does not provide a scripture for this "prophecy." That's because there isn't any. There will be no revival in Islamic nations druing the endtimes and in fact God will destroy all nations who are fighting against Israel during the battle of Armageddon. Anyone who has ever studied Bible prophecy at all would know that. But, of course Hamon has claimed this is not the battle of Armageddon up above. So which battle is it?

God said if the Church will arise in aggressive spiritual warfare prayer and praise, the plans of Satan and his world dominating spirit can be stopped or thwarted. . . . He also said He will cause the Underground Church in China to become like Holy Spirit termites that will eat the heart of evil out of that nation until it crumbles like the communist empire of the Soviet Union crumbled.

This has no scriptural basis either, in fact scripture indicates just the opposite where it mentions the 200 million man army that is wiped out (1/3 of mankind) which can only be China, as indicated in Rev 9:14-16. Is God going to bring China to it's knees and then kill them off???

We have an option. This war will be fought and won either in the Spirit or in the natural or both. If we win the war in the spirit realm against the principalities and powers that are motivating the Eastern allies, it will not have to be fought in the natural. There is no exact month, day and year set for this war to happen. It could happen any time between now and 2006.

This is the typical response of todays "prophets" -- give an ambigious date. If you go to Hamon's web site you will notice that he is implying, after September 11, 2001 happened, that he foresaw this event in NY with the bombing of the Twin Towers, but as you can see by this "prophecy" that is far from the truth. There is nothing in this prophecy that even remotely resembles the NY tragedy. And it really makes you wonder why, if, as Hamon claims, that he is a "prophet" of God.

Everything is being weighed in the balance. What the Church of Jesus Christ does is the determining factor. The devil is determined to take over the world, but God is determined to open up China and all the Muslim nations to the Gospel.

If the natural war comes, nuclear missiles will land on major cities and strategic places in America. I saw several major areas being bombed. Multi-millions will die in this war, including thousands in America. Nothing will be able to be done by the politicians to stop this war. The war will be fought and won. It will either be accomplished through supernatural warfare by the Church army of the Lord, or by the natural armies of the East and West, or by a combination of both.

Please notice he said it's either/or. Now it could be both. Is it Hamon or God who is confused and undecisive?

It is all based upon whether a sufficient amount of Christians respond properly to take aggressive actions. The only hope for the world is Jesus Christ and His Church.

The only hope for the SOULs of those living in this world, is to turn to Jesus Christ, not some false prophet. This world itself will undergo tremendous destruction in the days ahead as the book of Revelation indicates for the Last Days.

The Church must aggressively go on the offensive with revelation knowledge concerning what to do to stop the plans of the enemy.

TRANSLATED: This means the church must listen to todays prophets--and not rely on scripture for what's ahead. Now I have to ask you--who wants you to ignore scripture and whose agents distort scripture?

And FURTHERMORE, there is not one scripture that indicates that the Church must offensively fight the enemy other than through prayer, in fact it indicates just the opposite, i.e., we are to let God fight our battles for us. And no where does it indicate we are able to stop the enemy other than through prayer.

And it will be God himself who defeats the enemy, not the church, because the Church will be raptured out before the Tribulation starts. Of course Hamon didn't provide one scripture to substantiate his position, because there isn't any. He doesn't need any because he is writing "scripture" himself.

We do not have to stay passive with a complacent attitude or a doom and gloom perspective that it is all predestined to happen and there is nothing we can do about it. We can do something about it!

In other words, we can change bible prophecy.

Let us pray that the Church around the world will arise and become the militant, spiritual army of the Lord for the sake of our Savior, our children, and our nation. AMEN.

Instead, let us pray that Hamon and his followers repent and are stopped in their tracks before they too are wiped off the face of the earth as an enemy of God.

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Lori Eldridge
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