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The False Gospel of The Asbury Revival

There are so many Christians claiming that what is going on at Asbury is a true revival that it's time to show why this is not a true revival.

The initial sermon at Asbury that started the "revival" never mentioned sin or repentance or hell, just "love everybody". There are self-avowed homosexuals in the worship team that led worship for all 8 days. They had exorcisims, casting out demons, tongues without interpretation, Bethel, Hillsong and Elevation NEW AGE (hynotizing) music being played, including John Lenon songs and preaching that Jesus is just a man, not God.

People are "praying" for revival instead of admitting they are sinners and wanting to know how to be saved. Contemplative prayer is an occult method being used to "visualize" or "experience" God.

False teachers are promoting this movement which should be the first clue that this revival is not biblical. The speakers at Asbury are teaching another Jesus and another Gospel and there is no true biblical repentance.

At look at Asbury University's biblical stand gives further clues to this revival's authenticity when it promotes feminism, LGBTQ, Marxism and evolution. How can a true movement of God come from such a college? Bible based colleges, like Pensacola Christian College, are refusing to let them speak.

What we are seeing at this revival is nothing but emotional manipulation through the New Age music to promote simulated intimacy, evoke powerful feelings and stir up a facad of intense personalization in a mass setting. There is no mention of Jesus dying for their sins and the need for true biblical repentance.

Following is a collection of articles and videos from those that have concerns about this revival.

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