Endtime Prophets

Not Even One True Prophecy for 9-11-2001

QUESTION: Has anyone heard of a prophecy given by someone who claims to be a prophet of God that was "right on" about the disaster in NY city on 9-11-01? I'm not talking about an ambigious so-called prophecy but one with a date and specific details re the city involved, and via a certain perpretrator, etc?

Seeking Even One True Prophet

NOTICE dated 9-26-01: I heard Stan Johnson on Prophecy Club admit that he recently questioned prophets across the nation as to why no one had a message from God re the NY disaster and he said they all admitted they didn't know this disaster was coming. Stan said he saw a few claims that weren't accurate enough (just as I have stated below). This broadcast was taped 9-21-01.

Does anyone actually believe that for an event this big, that effected the whole world—or will via war—that God would not have warned EVEN ONE "Prophet" on this whole earth? This looks like further proof that there are no real prophets today!

I have received several "Claims" written by several so-called prophets, that they had correctly predicted this disaster. And I have discounted each one, as follows, because they did not fulfill the prophecy as stated.

So, if not even one of the top so-called prophets mentioned above, saw 9-11 coming, then why should we listen to any of their other prophecies.

Lori Eldridge
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