Endtime Prophets

A Critique of
Dumitru Duduman's False Prophecies
of America

The following critique of Dumitru Duduman's Prophecies of America examines Duduman's claims that an angel (which testifies of himself) told him that God would judge America; that there are two books of life—one for the Jews and another for the Gentiles. He also claims that Grace will leave the Gentiles and that we can lose our salvation. He also offered several prophecies that failed.

Dumitru Duduman appeared to have a heartfelt concern about America and his whole focus was to warn America to repent and turn back to God/Christ. There is no harm in that, whether he is a true prophet or not, however I have grave concerns about what he said that doesn't match up to scripture and therefore I do not think this message was from God. The following numbers are vision numbers which came from the original document which is no longer online.

(False teacher/prophet quotes are in purple and indented, my
comments are in plain text and scripture is in teal. False teachers rarely use scripture. I have only included those portions I intend to comment on.)

#1 Dumitru Duduman's very first prophecy indicates that America will burn and then China, Japan and other nations (Kings of the East) will fight the Russians. They will then unite against Israel. This would put America's burning some time before Rev 16:12-- before 6th bowl-- by my reckoning. THEN Israel repents AFTER America burns. THEN the Messiah comes, THEN the church is Raptured, THEN the Battle of Armegeddon.

Right here, this tells me that the Angel is proposing a Pre-wrath Rapture or some semblance of it. It can't be Post Trib. because the burning of America occurs before Armageddon.

#14 Referring to the angel, Duduman said:

He opened the back of the book [of the Gentiles] and counted out 4 remaining blank pages at the end. 'When these are filled,' he said, 'the book of the Gentiles will be complete. Then I will return to my people.'

Do angels have "people"? I don't ever recall any scripture where angels consider their fellow counterparts as "people," nor were they created in the "image" of God. They are spirit beings, messenger's of God, agents of his will, and God's angels never testify of themselves.

The angel continued:

"Some of the names that are listed here will be erased. I will erase the names of those who have mocked God and tested the Spirit of Grace. I will replace them with other names."

In several places in these prophecies the angel indicates there are two books of life--one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles. However scripture teaches us that all believers, both Jew and Gentile, are all part of one body (Romans 11). If it is true that names can be erased from the book of life then we have to ignore John 10:27-29 and most of John Ch. 6 and many other texts where eternal salvation for all true believers is assured.

#15 The angel warned Duduman:

"It won't be long. Be prepared. When these pages are filled, The Grace will leave the gentiles. Draw closer to me now, more than ever - and be holy, because hard times are coming."

This is also not scriptural because Grace is a prerequisite to salvation and there are multitudes of people saved during the Tribulation.

#19 A black bird, portraying Satan, tells Duduman:

Power has been given to me to be able to come against the Christians in a short time.... I want to make war against the true Christians - those that serve God with their hearts, their lives, and their actions not only in name. We'll see if they will be able to stand up against me... We'll see... I am a warrior. I fight against Christ.

Satan already has the right to come against Christians and that is why we are told to put on our armour daily. (Eph. 6:10-19)

#23 "My people, wake up! Do not tarry! Do not wait! The time is very short! Until now many have traveled on the wide path, but now you must travel on the narrow path that you may be saved."

Dumitru Duduman is teaching a works salvation here because he is implying that God's people, i.e., believers, have to do something besides believe to get saved. This is not true as scripture indicates we are saved by grace, through faith, not works. Salvation is only dependent on a belief in Christ and that he died for our sins, was buried and resurrected (1Corinthians 15:1-4).

#24 "The armies of the devil are coming with great fury against those who worship Me, and truly seek Me. Pray that I may give you strength, so that before the storm comes I may save you and give you the joy."

More works salvation. Scripture instructs believers to pray that we may weather the storm but it has nothing to do with our salvation.

And then he continues on by saying "only the righteous will I save." If he truly believes that true Christians gain their righteousness through Christ's death on the cross then there is nothing we can do to earn it, except believe, or loose it either. We are declared righteous because of Christ, not because of anything we did, or didn't do, of ourselves (Ephesians 2:8,9).

". . .know that a person is not justified by the works of the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law, because by the works of the law no one will be justified.Galatians 2:16

Scripture says anyone who is relying on works to save them are not justified by their works which totally contradicts everything Dumitru Duduman says about salvation.

"Be awake and watching because if you will not you will be punished as the wicked and also lose your salvation for your disobedience."

More works salvation.

"Judge no one"

On the contrary, as good Bureans we are to judge everything bible teachers say and especially those who claim to be prophets. And those prophets saying things that don't match up to the Word of God, we are to ignore (1 Thess 5:21).

I just stumbled across your website. I have worried about prophecies like Dumitru Duduman's and others over the years. These have literally kept me up nights. What a release to read your work. Eric V.

#29 In this vision Christ is supposedly saying:

"I am Jesus Christ who gave my life for you. Many of those whom I gave my life for, today dishonor me, living in sin and things that are wrong. The honor and glory I deserve is not given to Me. For this I have no more mercy, but will soon return in glory and honor as judge to judge all the inhabitants of earth. But first, I will judge those that carry the name of Christians, yet have tried to deceive Me. Because of them My name was, and is, dishonored and blasphemed before those that do not know Me."

Scripture doesn't say anything about a separate judgment for those who claim to be Christian but aren't. ALL UNBELIEVERS will be judged together at His return. And besides, the true church will not be judged at all, at least not that will affect their salvation. Their works will be judged so that rewards can be given but it is not a negative experience. The outcome is good for all who are privileged to be judged at the Bema Seat judgement of Christ (2 Cor. 5:10). Those merely "claiming" to be Christians will not be in attendance at this "judgment," This is not the White Throne judgment.

#33 "Why do you keep so much sadness in your heart, and such a great mourning because I took your wife? "

A few visions back the "angel" said he would "heal" his wife. Did the Angel make a mistake or did God change his mind? Does God change his mind? Does God make mistakes? (Num. 23:19).

#35 Several times Duduman sees a vision, is confused, and someone has to tell him to pray about it to get the answer. After this many visions does he still need to be told to pray about it?

#38 In the Hospital now. Nov. 29, 1996, Dumitru Duduman is told,

"We fought hard against death for you. It was a hard fight. Do not fear. You will not leave. You still have work to do."

Dumitru Duduman died about 6 months later on May 5, 1997. According to the Nov. '97 issue of Prophecy Club his grandson has decided to take over his "work" after his grandfather's death.

Then the angel tells Dumitru Duduman the meaning of the 3 stars:

"we won't say exactly but it PROBABLY means, in another 3 years a great massacre."

What good is a "Probably" answer? Is this angel speaking for God or not?


Dumitru Duduman's distortions of scripture:

  1. There are two books of life--one for Gentiles, one for Jews.
  2. Telling Christians they must follow the narrow path to be saved (works).
  3. Claiming that believing Christians will be judged "by" their works which affects their salvation.

Inconsistencies in Dumitru Duduman's prophecies:

  1. The angel told him his wife would be healed and then she died.
  2. The angel telling him "do not fear--you will not leave." and then he died.

Sorry. Dumitru Duduman's prophecies are not convincing for the reasons I stated above. I believe he was misled by evil spirits whose main purpose is to get people to put their faith in something else besides God, i.e., a prophet, and turn away from worshiping Christ and believing in The Word of God. Scriptures tell us what will happen in the endtimes. For some people, this isn't enough. They want to know more details. If God wanted us to have more details he would have told us in His Word.

However, let me clarify that I do believe America is in for hard times because of her sins as a nation. However, I do not believe Dumitru Duduman is speaking for God, therefore, I'm not going to listen to his scenario of events either.

Let me close with a caution from Apostle John:

"Believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are from God because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (John 4:1)

How do you know if a spirit is from God? Compare what the "angel" says with what the Word of God says. Just one serious discrepancy should be enough to discredit a message from a supposed angel. Even if you are a Pre-Wrath Armenian there should be enough flaws in this story to convince you that something doesn't quite match up here.

Here is a good study on if it's ok for Christians to judge the teachings of others?

Lori Eldridge
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  • "Heaven: The Mystery of Angels" by Grant Jeffrey, ISBN 0-921714-30-0--what role do angels play in our lives?
  • "Angels: Elect and Evil" by C. Fred Dickason --Moody Press--a thorough, Biblical treatment of angels/demons.
  • "Angels the Host of heaven" by Dr. David Jeremiah
  • "Angels Dark and Light" by Gary Kinnaman.
  • "A Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson. Library of Congress Card 66-19757.

The Prophecy Club has been the primary forum for Dumitru Duduman's Prophecies. Stan Johnson, the Clubs founder posted an article in the March 1999 issue of Prophecy Club (no longer online) stating that he was mistaken in using Dumitru Duduman's prophecies to Predict America would be destroyed by Sept. 1997. However, here is a web archive of Prophecy Clubs "I made a mistake" article.

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