Endtime Prophets

Is Dr. William Deagle a True Prophet?

The following is a critique of Dr. William Deagle's claims that God will judge America because she has forsaken her first love; how God will pour out His wrath on America during the Tribulation; that America will experience a separation from Christ as an adulterous bride forever from her groom; and that there will be a treaty that divides Jerusalem in August 1999. The original prophecy used to be on Deagle's Home Page but that website is no longer online.

(False teacher/prophet quotes are in purple and indented, my
comments are in plain text and scripture is in teal. False teachers rarely use scripture. I have only included those portions I intend to comment on.)

(False teacher/prophet quotes are in purple and indented, my
comments are in plain text and scripture is in teal. False teachers rarely use scripture. I have only included those portions I intend to comment on.)

A Prophetic Judgement Against America - given to Dr. Bill Deagle in August, 1998:

The words of William, son of William, in the line of Aaron, who is among the physicians of Colorado, which he saw concerning America in the days of Clinton, President of America, two years before Y2K.

Thus saith the Lord: Have I not called you from before the day of your birth in 1900, two score, ten, and the second year?

Let's see now. Two score is twenty times two, or fourty, add ten, which makes fifty, plus two, makes fifty two plus 1900 and we get 1952. Apparently this means this is when Dr. Deagle was born-- in 1952.

Did I not say to you: At the time of the end you will know, and you will tell my people? Did you see from your eighth year, from the gates of heaven, and high above my blue jewel, the earth, how I will rain down judgement upon this world?

Did not the prophets of old tell of such a day? But those who call themselves my people say: "Prophesy not, but tickle our ears, and comfort, and in ever increasing self-righteousness, and power with the Holy One of Israel! Did I, Jesus, not show you these things that must happen so that all mercy, grace, and justice is served, and then the end shall surely come?

Did not the fire-balls rise all over my blue jewel, the earth, - heat, brimstone, and red smoke out of the abyss - roll as a scroll across the horizon to cover in deepest darkness? That there be two score years from that day, that you my servant have been called, until these days of wrath of the Evil One are cast upon the earth? For he knows that his time is short and great is his wrath. When my angel casts him down into the abyss, surely he will never rise, for my kingdom will be from everlasting to everlasting.

Let's gather what facts we have collected so far. He was told of the judgment of America on his 8th birthday (1960) and 2 score (40 years) on top of that would be 2000. However, according to Rev. 19:19-21 the Beast (the Antichrist) and the false prophet are thrown into the Lake of Fire at Jesus' return and at the same time Satan is bound by angels and thrown into an Abyss for almost a 1,000 years and THEN set free for a short time and THEN he also is thrown into the Lake of Fire. Deagle just said Satan would never arise from the Abyss so how can that be?

I, the sovereign Lord of hosts, do declare that the day of the Lord is near - even at the doors. From the going forth of this word there shall be times, times, times, times, and half a times until the great and terrible day of wrath of the Lamb; For in the fullness of the gentile times, the prayers of the saints rise up as a fragrant incense to my nostrils, and I am stirred, and there will be no more time that my Spirit will strive with the spirits of men.

August 1998 is the day this prophecy was reportedly given to Deagle, plus four and one half years, adds up to February 2003. So he just said the Lord would return on February 2003, if my math is correct. Up above he said Jesus would throw Satan in the Abyss in the year 2,000 yet Jesus doesn't return until 2,003. Something doesn't add up here.

And this is a mystery: My wrath is to see my face and be forever forgotten from my body, the church. The wrath of the Evil One is to steal, kill, and destroy until the fullness of wrath - six trumpets, six bowls, and six vials. Only when I break the seals may the wrath of the Evil One be poured out upon those who bear the mark, and worship the bearer of light, and not the Creator.

The wrath of the evil one (Satan) will be unleashed on those who "bear the mark, and worship the bearer of light, and not the Creator."? Isn't Jesus the bearer of light? This doesn't make sence.

I am the Holy One who died and shed the living waters of life that you would never thirst, but you would not drink; Therefore you will receive my wrath, which is the seventh trumpet, the seventh bowl, and the seventh vial in completing your iniquity, and I decree a separation as an adulterous bride forever from her groom. This alone is my wrath upon a dying people in a passing world.

Let's keep in mind who this wrath is directed at "those that worship the bearer of light and not the creator." Now he is telling us that this wrath doesn't start until the 7th trumpet, 7th bowl and 7th vial (apparently simultaneous). Please notice up above he said that Jesus himself opens the first seal, and he, Jesus himself, sets Satan's wrath upon the world. However, Satan cannot release his wrath without Jesus setting him free so whose wrath is it really?

There is also a big problem with a separation of the groom from the bride. According to Jewish wedding tradition when the two members of the wedding party are betrothed it is legally binding---as legally binding as our wedding ceremonies today even though these two do not see each other for a year or more before the marriage is consumated. Therefore when scripture is talking about the groom and the bride the two parties are already wed.

When is a believer wed to Jesus? On the day of our salvation. From that point on we are called the Bride. When does the wedding feast occur according to Jewish tradition? Seven days after the marriage is consumated (at the end of the 7 year Tribulation). According to scripture Jesus returns to the Earth in judgment on a Christ rejecting world, not his Bride (Rev. 19:9). There is never any mention of Jesus rejecting an adulterous bride in the NT. There is indeed rejection of unbelievers, but all TRUE believers are "the Bride of Christ," i.e., already betrothed. You are either a Bride or you're not. There is no half way point. It's like being only half pregnant--can't be done.

You, America, who called the Word of my testimony to the world, have taken your heart far from me. Hear this word that the Lord hath spoken against you, O' children of America, which I have brought up from all the lands of persecution: Your Nation I have set high above all the nations as a light to truth and justice; For you feared my words. You were children of light and not of darkness; therefore I will punish you for your iniquities.

According to the Bible there is only ONE nation that God sets high above all others and that is ISRAEL, not America. Israel was to be a light to the world, not America. What it appears Deagle is doing is confusing America with the Church and then applying Old Testament scriptures meant for Isreal to America/The Church. This is known as Replacement Theology.

Today I blow a trumpet for my people: come out of her - daughter of Babylon the Great.

God's people, where it concerns Babylon, are believing Jews. The phrase "come out of her my people" pertains to the Jews, and not the church.

She has made the whole earth drunk with the wine of her outrageous prophets of every stock option, dividend, and contract. You who rob the poor, and crush the weak, and sell with insider information, while you've convinced the foolish enough to believe your lies and buy until their wealth is dust and sand that has fallen between their fingers; The Evil One stalks the prey and I reveal it to my servants, the prophets. Those who hear these words - who heed and obey - will escape through the days of trouble, as my people did to the land of Goshen when I sent the plagues upon the land of Egypt.

Scripture does not say the Church will escape THROUGH the days of trouble but be taken OUT of them (Rev 3:10). Look up this word "ek" in the Greek.

Proclaim in the streets of Islam, and Russia, that America knows not how to do right. I send among you Gorbachev, who seeks to tell another gospel, and who wrote the Earth Charter as your new commandments. He bears a green cross and defiles the cross I bore for you - my people.

Jesus bore the cross for ALL peoples. Not just for America.

Because you have forsaken your first love, America, I will send you global ecological communism and Islamic terror. Did I not tell you before it was, that the city of seven hills would send one with a miter and scepter of a shepherd to lead all of those that love not the truth - and he knows me not?

I wonder which city this is supposed to be. The city of seven hills can't be Rome because the City of Rome now has 9 hills. Or is it 11?

You, O' America, who store up and prepare violence against your own people, and plot to inter them in concentration camps, and make covenants with the illuminated sons of Satan: I have judged you and found my cup of wrath full with anger against you.

Now Deagle says the wrath of God is directed at the government. I thought he said it was directed at the Church.

You, O' America, who conspire to spoil the bread and steal the light to place a mark on all your people - I have this against you.

"Spoil the bread and steal the light"? If God wants to warn his people don't you think he would speak plainly so it was easy to understand? The problem with this kind of language is that it can be twisted around to mean just about anything. And since when does "God's people" take the mark?

You, O' America, who swear to destroy my people, this is what the sovereign Lord says: I will send fire upon your coastlands, and upon your cities; and I will send a horde from Russia, and Islam, and all the nations with them. I will enrage them, and draw them with hooks forward into your lands, for your arrogance and blasphemy against my throne and my Name.

This is coming straight out of Ezekiel 38 and is meant for Isreal. The coastlands that are spoken of in Ezekiel 38 are not America either.

You who conspire to kill their innocents, like lambs at slaughter, in Iraq, and let their leader live to serve your purposes;

Were there believers killed in Iraq?

Henceforth, from the treaty that divides my holy city Jerusalem, and the day upon which the house of Judah commences the sacrifice, I will anoint my people of the house of Judah who believe on my Son, and on the house of Israel who believe on my Son, to prophesy to America, and all the earth for twelve hundred and three-score days, to this nation, and these nations, and all the nations that would conspire to wipe out my people and the nation of Israel. When these days of prophesying are closed up, and on the day of my passing over of my people as I did upon the first-born of the land of Egypt, I will send again the death angel upon the earth to reap a harvest into my kingdom, and cast the timothy into the fires of eternal torment.

So now we have to wait for a treaty that divides the city of Jerusalem. Does scripture give us such a prophecy? No. Therefore we can safely ignore it. Scripture does give a propehcy about 1260 days but that is in regard to Israel fleeing into the desert and being hidden by God during that time until Jesus returns.

If we count backwards three and one half years from when Jesus is "supposedly" to return (see above) it comes out to Aug 1999 when this treaty to divide Jerusalem will occur. But how can Judah commence sacrifice at this time if they are hiding in the desert? How about building a Temple to sacrifice in??? Can the Jews build a Temple in 6 months from now? I heard it can be set up in 2 years but not 6 months. [this critique was originally written in February 1999.]

I have decreed for twelve hundred and threescore days, wars, pestilences, death, and the greatest earthquake upon the earth until the cup of my wrath is empty, and all the earth is a desolation.

Another Old Testament prophecy meant for Israel and instead applied to the church.

Just as my voice of the seven thunders has spoken. It will surely come to pass, and there will be no more delay. The Lord God has sworn by his holiness, that, Lo! The Day shall come upon you that you shall not escape - of fire, and brimstone, and captivity. Your sons and daughters will fall in the open fields, and fall like chaff at winnowing time. I will give thee a feast to the beasts of the field. Trouble not at a man grasping his stomach as if in labor, though his face cries crimson in the agony as in childbirth; For I have sent fireballs of wormwood upon this people, and they will surely not escape.

More of Ezekiel's prophecy meant for Israel and applied to America.

America, for a time, would rain wormwood on all those who would not take the mark. Let them drink a double portion - for a nation who call themselves my people, and are not.

Escape, I say, my people, from this land, to the north, before the great and terrible days; For I have given you twelve hundred and three-score days to prophesy to this nation of America in mercy and justice, before my wrath is poured out in full.

Hmmm. escape to the North, i.e., Canada. Is Degan a Canadian real estate agent?

Weep, you nations afar-off: "Woe! Woe! Woe! Great was the daughter of Babylon!" By your sons of the Illuminated One, and by their stock market, many nations and people have become rich. In one day has come destruction to the cities of glass and steel - like mountains of glass - of light.

This is what the sovereign Lord says: Go forth once more unto a hard and arrogant people - a "righteous" people - full of purpose and plans, with my Word on their lips but a curse in their hearts.

Turn your sheep from the pathway that leads to destruction and become my people again, and I will turn to you, and heal your land, and set my tent over you, and you will be my bride; But if you do not soon turn, then in the Day of my wrath, I will set my face against you, and you will become only a whisper in the darkness, O' America.

Please notice that these people were God's and then they were lost and now they have a chance to be God's people again if they will but fight the enemy.

Is this scriptural? Can one lose their salvation? Not according to John 10:27-29. Can one gain their salvation through works (fighting the enemy)? Not according to John 3:18. What Deagle is preaching is a works salvation.

. . .know that a person is not justified by the works of the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law, because by the works of the law no one will be justified.Galatians 2:16

So, anyone who is relying on works to save them are not justified by their works which completly goes against what Deagle is teaching.

Also, since when was Christ ever going to wed himself to America? The Church was supposed to be Christ's Bride. This scripture was taken from the Old Testmanent just like most of the others and applied to the Church.


What we have with Dr. William Deagle's teaching is someone who has borrowed Old Testament scriptures, obviously directed at Isreal, and turned them toward America and the Church. The date for the treaty to divide Jerusalem came and went in August 1999.

Dr. William Deagle is not only a False Prophet but a Replacement Theologian as well and is not teaching the truth from scripture (see what happens to Replacement Theologians in Matt. 25:31-46). You would be wise to ignore him.

While I do believe God will judge America I think we can safely ignore this "prophet's" interpretation of it because he hasn't utilized one scripture accurately. And did anyone notice he did not even give ONE reference for a scripture that was "supposely" utilized

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