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Billy Graham - Ecumenicalist and False Shepherd

Billy Graham brought tens of thousands of people to Christ during his life time. However a lot of people would watch the Billy Graham Crusades on TV and see nothing wrong with them, because Billy appears to be teaching the true Gospel Message.

However it was often what he did off stage that was the most damaging to the cause of Christ with the associations he kept, and the statements he made as a guest speaker for what has been traditionally known in Christendom as apostate relgious groups. What he said to those leaders and their members, and what he said from his own pulpit are often two entirely different messages.

For instance, when Billy Graham has a Crusade he has an agreement with the Catholic church to allow new believers to go back to the Catholic church for "discipleship" instead of a church that teaches "saved by Grace thru Faith"?

The Catholic church in it's very own Vatican II (which has never been recinded) consideres anyone who believes in Saved by Grace, thru Faith, i.e., Eph 2:8,9 to be anathema. So Billy Graham sends new converts back into a church teaching a false gospel and promoting Ecumenicalism, forsaking Bible Doctrine for the sake of Unity.

Even the late Dave Hunt, of the Burean Call, exposed Billy Graham for his unfaithfulness to Scripture in this video: Billy Graham Exposed by Dave Hunt

The following are a collection of links to articles exposing the above doctrinal flaws and other practices and statements of Billy Graham that indicate that he is now, and has been for decades, leading the sheep astray into ecumenicalism which promotes a false gospel. If you disagree with this statement then please read the following articles that are heavily documented with Billy's own words.

Billy Graham supports Islam / Muslim Religion. In this vodeo Graham said, "Islam is misunderstood too, because, Mohamed had a great respect for Jesus. . . I think we [Christians] are closer to Islam than we really think we are!" He also approves of the Pope later in the video.

At least his son Franklin Graham has the right discernment of the Muslim Religion: Take your Sharia Law and Go Back where you came from!

Quotes from Billy Graham on Larry King Live saying he has "wonderful fellowship" with the Pope and Mormonism.

Policital Correctness has now infiltrated the church: Billy Graham's Website Removes Mormonism From Cult List (Oct 19, 2012)

The World Christian Movement: Evangelism Vs. Evangelization by Albert James Dager exposes the agenda of a multitude of Christian leaders who have bought into the ecumenical movement. Billy Graham is quoted in part 3 teaching Robert Schuller and Larry King a false Gospel.

Sandy Simpson, of the Deception in the Church web site wrote a Letter To Billy Graham on August 2,000 asking him to respond to a number of statements he reportedly made.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) Promotes Alpha Course with comments by Sandy Simpson, August 8, 2000. Sandy has several other articles on his web site explaining the Alpha Course.

Read what Billy Graham says about Pope John Paul II and his views on heaven in More Bewildering Statements From Billy Graham by The Calvary Contender, January, 15, 2000.

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