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A personal account Of Benny Hinn's Crusades

The following is the testimony of someone who witnessed Benny Hinn's healing crusade in Orlando Florida in Dec, 2003 and had serious concerns about it. The following testimony is included in it's entirety.

I actually went to this Benny Hinn "crusade" thing a couple months ago when it was in Orlando Florida. I am very mixed about what took place. There were some things that were "right on" with the word of God and a message of salvation and an alter call to give ones life to Christ was preached and done well. There was reading and studying of scripture and lots of time spent praising the Lord and singing songs to the Lord.

So some things went on that were "right on" in my book. Then some things took place that were well....lets just say I left early.

NEWS BULLETIN: A so-called Faith-Healer Gathering at the grand opening of the Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center, scheduled for March 31, 2020, was cancelled due to the Coronavirus! What does this tell you -- that when a "real" sickness comes forward these false charlatans run for cover. Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn and many others were planning to attend but the virus scared them off.

Near the end of the service some things took place that I didn't feel right about. I believe that at least "some" deception is being used in the area of the portrayal of these so called miracle healings.

I know for a fact that not everything that the Benny Hinn ministry wanted people to believe had happened was real.

There was at least some deception that took place. I know that for a fact because well, I'm a fairly intelligent and alert person and I kept my eyes and ears open to everything that was going on. I am pretty well grounded in the scriptures and I am not somebody that can have the wool pulled over my eyes easily. Anybody that goes to these crusades that has any amount of intelligence and knows the scriptures will be able to come to the conclusion that at least some deception is being used......and the scriptures warn against using deception.

Col 2:8 "See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. "

1Th 2:3 "For our exhortation does not come from error or impurity or by way of deceit;"

1Pe 2:1 "Therefore, putting aside all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander"

Now I have debated in my own mind what to say about the Benny Hinn ministries. We can always have our thoughts, but we have to be careful what we say in judging others and pointing fingers because we will all be measured buy the measure we use against others. (Mar 4:24) Now as far as judging we actually can judge within the body of Christ. The people outside the Church God will judge, but within the Body we can judge with the righteous judgement of our Lord for the sake of maintaining the integrity of the Church.

1Co 5:3 "For I, on my part, though absent in body but present in spirit, have already judged him who has so committed this, as though I were present."

1Co 5:12 "For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? 1Co 5:13 But those who are outside, God judges. REMOVE THE WICKED MAN FROM AMONG YOURSELVES. "

So now I feel I have the right to speak up a bit about what I saw taking place at the Benny Hinn Ministries in person because Mr. Hinn does claim to be a man of the Lord therefore if he claims to be a part of the Body of Christ then those of us who are Christians can speak up about what is taking place at his "crusades" and so on.

When we talk about these matters we should be careful not to go off the deep end and resort to slanderous remarks or name calling and so one, and we also need to be careful not to accuse anybody of something that we do not know for sure, or at least have some pretty strong evidence to back up what we say.

In any case I again can say that I do believe that there is at least SOME planned deception being used at the Benny Hinn crusades. I was there to witness it with my own eyes. Again Mr Hinn did preach from the word of God a bit and that is great. Also an alter call to give your life to Christ if you have not already done so was preached and that was great, he also talked for a bit to those who heeded to the alter call to get a Bible study the word of God and to have an active prayer life, to turn away from sin, to get into a Bible teaching congregation for fellowship and so on. All that was good stuff.

Mr Hinn did talk about that if any healing were to take place that it was buy the power of the Lord and the Holy spirit and not of his own doing. That is great.

Much time was taken to sing songs to the Lord in praise and worship and that was great.

So much did take place that I agree with, and I do believe that people are lead to be saved through the Benny Hinn ministries. As he is preaching the word of God, he is sparking people to believe in the healing power of God, he is bringing the word of God to many places where the word of God is not being preached and so on. He is at least making efforts to get people to believe in God and to give their life to Christ and to study the word of God and seek salvation through the blood of Jesus. All of that is good.

However some things took place that once Again I can say that were used to make people think that some healings took place there that did not actually take place. And here is what I base this statement on. I myself do have a disability....I came through the entrance where the disabled people entered the stadium. There was a section of the stadium that was set aside for people in wheelchairs and I kept a very close eye on that section when the healings or so called healings were taking place. When Mr Hinn started his healing portion of his ministry his people would try to encourage people to stand up out of their wheelchairs and so on. I noticed that as his people were going around trying to get people to stand up and walk that most of what I saw the people would try but then sit right back down in dissappointment and I saw a few even start crying when they were unable to walk. I saw this time and time again. People being encouraged to walk and the people not being healed but sitting right back down in dissappointment without a healing. I was careful to watch all that was going on.

Now suddenly Mr Hinn said..."now bring up all those empty wheelchairs" and I saw "his people" bring up onto the stage about 15 or so empty wheelchairs and the crowd began to cheer....but the so called "empty wheelchairs" did not come from the section where the people who came off the street into the stadium but rather it appeared that the "empty wheelchairs" were brought from the side of the stage and seemed to be props and not legitimate wheelchairs that real people came in and got out of. This is what I saw and a person I was with saw it as well. The so called empty wheelchairs seemed to be props brought from the side of the stage and I did not see anybody who legitimately came in a wheelchair from the street actually stand up and walk. Every time I saw them try to get a person out of their wheelchair, it was not successful. But yet now a bunch of practically brand new empty wheelchair were brought up on stage and It seemed they were props and not legitimate empty wheelchairs that legitimate people got out of. At least some deception was used there.

Also as far as what was allowed to be show on camera was very carefully orchestrated. Nobody from the audience was allowed on the stage unless they first claimed to have had a healing and I also felt like at least a few people that claimed to be healed did not come from the legitimate audience.....Mr Hinns people brought up a few people and they actually would speak for the person and not let the person speak themselves....it was something like. ""Mr Hinn this is John Doe who has had such and such disease for 7 years and now he has been healed." They were careful about what was allowed on camera and who was allowed on stage and what they were able to speak in front of the audience. It was very much controlled.

There was also a lady who came up there and claimed to be healed and it appeared as if it was staged. I did not see this lady in the wheelchair section and her testimony was such a picture perfect type of story and seemed to be very phony almost as if it had been rehearsed. Its possible that it was legitimate but it seemed very suspicious....this lady came from the side of the stage at just the right time and had this very perfect type of healing story and she seemed to know exactly what to say at the right time all in perfect sync with Mr Hinns healing message. It is possible it was real but was all very suspicious.

I did not see anybody from the legitimate wheelchair section actually get out of a wheelchair that they came in and be allowed to go up on stage and testify. I was watching the legitimate wheelchair section when his people were trying to get people to stand up and I didn't see anybody that actually came in a wheelchair off the streets get healed. Every time I saw a person form the legitimate wheelchair section try to walk they were unsuccessful and then suddenly it's "bring up all those empty wheelchairs" and about 15 wheelchairs are brought from the side of the stage by Mr Hinns people and it all was very suspicious.

A few of the people that were allowed to speak about a healing seemed to come from the side of the stage at the right time and some of it seemed to be very rehearsed. I do believe that maybe a few of the people may have been legitimate, but I also feel that at least some of it was staged and rehearsed and very carefully orchestrated for the cameras.

It also got to the point where Mr Hinn was talking about how he was "hot with the annointing" and then he began waving his magic finger at people on stage and people were falling down supposedly slain in the spirit.....but the funny thing was is that it was mostly his own people that were doing this. He came on stage with about 20 or so people in the beginning and those seemed to be the people that were falling all over the place when Mr Hinn suddenly was "hot with the annointing" They were very careful who they let on the stage and I know for a fact that a large portion of the people that were on the stage falling down by direction of Mr Hinns magic finger were part of his onterage. Some of his own pastors would start running at Mr Hinn and Mr Hinn would wave his magic finger and they would start convulsing and falling down and all of that in a very over dramatic way and they were all the people that I saw him enter the area with. I did not see anybody from the legitimate wheelchair section get out of a wheelchair and get a healing and get up there on stage and be slain by Mr Hinn's magic finger.

I know for a fact that most of the people that were allowed on stage were his own people and it all seemed very rehearsed. There was a few people that I believe may have actually come from the audience and may have been healed but I am pretty sure that a lot of it was sketchy as to weather it was real. Very very sketchy.

Again I came into the stadium through the entrance that was marked for disabled people and I was near the wheelchair section and I did not see one person who I knew for a fact came from the street into the stadium get healed and was allowed to go up on stage. rather I saw about 15 empty wheelchairs brought from the side of the stage at just the right time but did not see 15 people get out of chairs. I know for almost a fact that at least some of those empty wheelchairs were props if not all of them were props.

That is what I witnessed and a person I was with testified to seeing the same things.

Now I do believe that there is some good coming form the Benny Hinn ministry as they are at least trying to spread the news about Jesus and trying to get people to believe in the healing power of the Lord but I also know for a fact that there is at least some deception being used and that is not right.

People are flocking to Mr Hinn thinking he is the new Jesus and that is not so.

Also Mr Hinn seems to be very big into enlarging his own name with his name up on lights and his face up in the billboards and so on and that is something that well..... enough said about that.

I also have read about investigative reports that claim that follow ups on Mr Hinn's ministries and the so called healings have not been legitimate.

I also know that Mr Hinn is making TONS of money. I read a report that he made an estimated 100 million dollars in one year......much of which has come from people that are sick and also the elderly who have sent in much of their life savings thinking that Mr Hinn is the new Jesus or something and I believe that some of these people are being taken for a ride.

There is some good coming from his ministry but there is some other stuff as well.

What I can say is this. I went once to one of Mr Hinn's "shows" and I won't be back. I would not encourage anybody to go to one of his shows....but then again if anybody is up for going I would not discourage them from doing so either.

Its not for me.
Jesus is for me. The Lord is for me. The word of God is for me.
Deception and so on is not for me.
I rest my faith in God not men.
Enough said.

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