Endtime Prophets

Analyzing the Claims of Sollog, a False Prophet

Someone sent me the url to a web site where Sollog claims to be a Prophet. Me may be a prophet but he's certainly not God's Prophet. Let me clarify. He is not a Judeao - Christian Prophet. This can be discerned from what he said below on his web page where he claims he has proof of God. I don't even need to check out his prophecy because as Deut. 13:1-4 says, we should not even listen to anyone who is teaching another gospel as I will show below. I'm not going to provide the URL for this site because I don't want anyone going there and getting caught up in this evil.

(false prophet quotes are highlighted in bold, my comments are in plain text)

It's not just me making numbers work, as atheistic intellects will argue, I FOLLOW A SYSTEM DESCRIBED IN THE CREATION MYTHS OF THE VARIOUS BOOKS OF GOD

Please notice he does not say which God.

First I need to address the FACT that the ancient creation mythos of various religious beliefs contained this simple formula, yes I WILL PROVE THIS MATHEMATICAL FORMULA is indeed within the creation mythos of the major religious beliefs!

There is only one religious belief that matters to Christians and that is the God of the Bible, the Judeo - Christain God.

The GOD OF CREATION in Hinduism, called the oldest organized religion by many in the world today, clearly states THE EARTH IS BASED UPON THE AGE OF BRAHMA (Hindu GOD OF CREATION) and that age is unequivocally stated as being 100 years.

Please notice that the god of Hinduism is capitalized and credited with the creation of the earth. Right here we know this is a false teacher/prophet.

To this day Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca and dance around THE BLACK KABBAH, or the BLACK CUBE that is said to have been built by ABRAHAM and his son ISMAEL!

This is PURE ISLAMIC MYTH. Abraham would have had nothing to do with it. There is no proof that Abraham had any contact after Ishmael left with his mother.

In this day and age, where many forget that most beliefs TEACH ACCEPTANCE of other beliefs, many refuse to see THE UNITED TRUTHS within religious beliefs. ONE GOD created all there is in the heavens. ONE GOD created all paths for many children. ONE GOD has now revealed THE TRUTH by revealing THE PROOF OF GOD that you have now read! The old way is over, there is no difference between religions, there is no one path, ALL RELIGIONS CAME FROM ONE GOD, the same GOD that put the symbols of CREATION in all religious beliefs!

Now he is saying that all beliefs and all religions are one and all came from the same god, and all gods are one and all paths lead to this one god.

Is this scriptural?

This is none other than a spokesman for the AntiChrist and the One World Religion as prophesied in Scripture--the Judeo - Christian scriptures.


Lori Eldridge
© Sept 22, 2001.