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I find it very interesting that those "prophets" we have critiqued on this site, who are proposing Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath, and Partial Rapture, are usually also those who are teaching the Church (composed of believers) must be further purified and refined during the Trib before it will qualify for the Rapture. This exposes a serious misunderstanding of God's Grace where it concerns the Church, and his plan for Israel vs the Church, and also his purpose for the Tribulation which is to judge unbelievers and unrepentant Israel, not believers. The following collection of articles on the Pre-Trib will hopefully clear up some of those misconceptions.

  • A good explanation of "the last trump", and where the word Rapture came from: The Greek Harpazo > to the Latin Rapiemur > to the English Rapture, or caught away, can be found on a video by Scott Clarke at ERF Ministries. He also provides audios of several trumpet blasts including the "last trump". He also explains why Matt. 24:29-31 is not talking about the rapture but the 2nd coming.

  • A new article on the PreTrib Rapture called Caught Up by Wayne Smith. Are you being confused by false prophets, leaving you with doubts about the rapture, judgement, and resurrection? Hopefully this article will provide some answers.

  • Thomas Ice has several articles written on the Pre-Trib Rapture such as, Necessity of an Interval between the Rapture and the 2nd Coming and Examining an Ancient Pre-Trib Rapture Statement.

  • The Pre-Tribulation Rapture by Pastor Kent Crockett of Cornerstone Church gives 16 Proofs for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

  • Why I Believe the Pre-Tribulation Rapture by Alan Yusko explains how the 7 year Trib prophecied by Daniel is for Isreal, not the Church; who the Restrainer is, who is holding back the Anti-Christ; why the Wrath of God is not to be poured out on the Church; how the other Rapture positions must ignore all scriptures on the imminency; and how the other Rapture views can't explain who will populate the Millennium after Christ Returns or allow time for the Bema Seat Judgment of Christians, the Marriage of the Lamb or the Marriage Supper. Also check out other Rapture articles on the same site.

  • A world Of information about Biblical Prophecy including the rapture can be found at Prophecy Central.

  • PropheZine, a web site devoted to Bible prophecy. Check out numerous pages within PZ and especially the PropheZine newsletter and weekly newsbites that keep you informed of fullfillment of Bible prophecy.

  • Alan Horvath has a very good video explaining the difference between the 1st and 2nd Resurrection (the first being for believers and the 2nd for unbelievers) and delves into the scriptures to explain each. He also translates the scriptures from the Aramaic/Hebrew using the ancient meaning of the letters of each word to clarify the meaning of the passage and shows where some modern translations have been misinterpreted.

  • A Critique of J. Preston Eby's Looking for His Appearing where his anti-Trinitarian and anti-Rapture, anti-2nd Coming and anti-a whole lot more is exposed.

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