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Cartoons Teaching Another Gospel

This page has several reviews of Disney movies that were designed to entertain our kids, but once you manage to look past the cute animations you can see they are actually teaching our kids another Gospel and indoctrinating them into the Occult through such movies as Mulan, Pokemon, Pocahontas, Tarzan and many others. Some of these links will take you to other web sites.


For an indepth look at the "game" Pokemon check out Pokemon - Innocent child game or ? by Rich Deem, where he exposes the occultic evils lurking in Pokemon and how they are indoctrinating our children into New Age philosophy (reincarnation) and opening the doors to demonic oppression (magic stones, chanting mantras, possession of occultic charms, etc). He also provides evidence that this child's game is linked to other adult occult sites and how this role playing game (similar to Dungeons and Dragons), with it's obtaining power through violence, cannot be of God and is in fact in direct opposition to God. The saddest thing of all is watching millions of our children, and their parents, getting caught up in this evil game.

For another article pointing out the evils of Pokemon check out The Danger of Role-Playing Games How Pokemon and Magic Cards affect the minds and Values of Children by Berit Kjos. (scroll down to about 3/4 of the page)


A review of the Disney animated cartoon, Mulan which shows how this movie is incorporating antiChristian theology into Children's cartoons.


Accepting others who are different than yourself is a very honorable theme for a movie--unless the "others" are animals and having evolution spoon fed to our little children, such as we find in the movie Tarzan


Is there anything wrong with a young woman being assertive, freespirited, brave, and athletic, a woman who follows her dreams and does what she wants and does it well? According to Berit Kjos the movie Pocahontas  portrays this young woman as the feminist ideal encouraging children to love mother earth, and embrace all religions. Read her review of Pocahontas and see why this movie has dangerous pagan undertones.

Other Movie Review Sites

Berit Kjos has written several movie reviews. She has also written several articles and books of concern to parents and public schools. To prepare your children to resist paganism read Berit Kjos' book Under the Spell of Mother Earth (Victor Books 800 323-9409) and Brave New Schools (800-829-5646) by Berit Kjos.

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment, on the Christian Anwers web site, has a large collection of movie reviews and they review TV programs as well. Their collection is mostly submitted by others.

Crosswalk.com Movies - Family-friendly Reviews of New Movies has a large collection of reviews of children's movies authored by two reviewers

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