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Other sites exposing false teaching of the Gospel of Grace

The following sites are those that we recommend for folks interested in defending the Gospel or learning what the true Gospel is all about. These sites may not agree with the position of Endtime Prophets totally in all areas but we do believe they have the basics down right.


Saved by Grace, not by Works

Word of Truth featuring the works Chet McCalley that clearly teach salvation by Grace. This site also produces tapes speaking out against Lordship Salvation and other false teachings leading people away from the truth of the Gospel.

Gospel Outreach Ministries Online A Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to the proclamation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ containg numerous apologetic, evangelistic, and devotional articles also information on some of the major cults of today and research on special theological topics.

Does it really matter what your beliefs are? is an article explaining the difference between religion and a belief in a Christ who saves by Jason Werner.


Heresy in the Church

Deception in the Church by Sandy Simpson. This web site focuses on how false doctrines, a different gospel, and even doctrines of demons are being introduced into many churches from movements that claim to be of God. They offer articles from a wide variety of sources on the subject of the current Third Wave movement, "counterfeit" revivals, and cult groups.

Stand to Reason by Greg Kokul. Their vision is to provide the training to build a new generation of confident, courageous, yet winsome and attractive ambassadors for Christ capable of restoring credibility to the Christian world view and to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense of the doctrines and ethics of classical Christianity in the public square. This site contains a wide range of topics of interest to Christians.

The Let Us Reason web site has a wealth of articles focusing on heresy in the Church, Cults, Salvation issues, critiques of the Word of Faith teachers, the Oneness Pentecostal movement, Bible Doctrine, Current Trends, Eschatology, Judaism, Catholicsm, Latter Rain (MSOG), Heresies in the Pentecostal Movment, Charasmatics, New Age, the Occult and other topics too numerous to mention.

Apologetic's Index by Anton Hein. Apologetics Index (AI) is an online ministry whose primary aim is to provide Christians with apologetics resources on cults, sects, other religious movements, doctrines and practices - for research and ministry. They have numerous links to articles pointing out significant doctrinal differences between historical Christianity and religious movements that claim to be compatible with it. They also address abusive movements, as well as a variety of cult research issues and controversies.


Nathan Leal: When dreams overtake scripture

Rodney Howard Brown: A plethora of articles exposing Rodney Howard Brown as a false teacher: Articles about "Joel's Bartender," Rodney Howard-Browne.

Nostradamus: The Facts About Nostradamus and His Prophecies by Dan Corner   and also The Tarnished Prophet of the 16th Century (Nostradamus)

Manifest Sons of God (MSOG), Latter Rain, Five Fold,
Apostolic, Manchild, Kingdom Now,
Dominionist, Restoration Theology, etc.:

Joel's Army by Let Us Reason Ministries--explains why Joel's army may be called Gods army but they are not his people. Joel's army is the raising up of a devouring army of locusts, (destroyers) to bring judgement upon the land and they will be destroyed.

Another good article exposing the Manifest Sons of God/Latter Rain/Five Fold/Apostolic/Restoration/Dominionist, etc. movements and giving a much more indepth analysis of their history is Doctrine of Demons by Tricia Tillin. This is a very long book-sized article, packed full of information. In part one she lists the progression of this heretical phenomonon through history.

The Deception in the Church web site has a plethora of articles exposing false prophets.


A new page on this site listing some of the scriptures and links to other articles on Islam vs Christianity

Following is a web site with a comparison of the Christian Scriptures with the teachings of Muhammad Islam and Christianity: The Koran vs. The Bible


A personal testimony showing how the Third Wave cultic beliefs took over a church, Charismatic Cultism by Kevin Reeves (scroll down the page).


As you may have noticed, as the editor of this site I do not normally use the KJV in my articles for several reasons:
  1. Because my favorite Thompson Chain Reference Bible is not written in the KJV.
  2. The KJV is too archaic and hard to understand.
  3. I utilize several Bible versions in my studies.
  4. I am a writer and most publishers prefer the NIV
  5. The KJV does not match up with the book of Matthew originally written in Hebrew (leaves some text out and changes meaning of other words to reduce the deity of Christ)
  6. I believe the KJV Only Theory is extremely devisive and damaging to the body of Christ (for instance very few KJV apologists will link to Endtime Prophets just because I refuse to worship the KJV)
  7. the attacks from the KJV camp against all those who use anything other than the KJV (when there are more ancient Greek manuscripts available) are groundless and full of mistruths.

Here is a good study on comparing the different Bible versions and why they "appear" to contradict each other: Why I use the NIV Bible


These articles show how the New Age agenda is aimed at Jews and Christians and their "Plan" to not only lead them away from the true Gospel but to also exterminate them:

An article relaying the basics of the New age, The New Age Movement (PDF) by Craig Branch.

Is there a prayer called the Great Invocation being promoted in your church? Then please read Refuting the Great Invocation which will show you who you are realllllllly praying to.


An article pointing out the errors in the belief that speaking in tongues is evidence of salvation. Roman Catholic Charismatics: My Testimony of Working with Charismatic Catholics by Bill Scudder.


A resource guide for those coming out of cultic groups: Suggestions for Ex-Members

Questions about Cults can be found at Destructive Groups and Thought Control

Another site that may answer your questions about cults and false prophets can be found at Let Us Reason

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