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Kim Clement's False Prophecies

The following is a critique of Kim Clement's Prophecies about the New York Terrorist attack in 2001 and the date of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

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comments are in plain text and scripture is in teal. False teachers rarely use scripture. I have only included those portions I intend to comment on.)

Kim Clement's False Prophecy about the 9-11 Terrorist attack in NY

It has been claimed that the following prophecy given by Kim Clement on Saturday, April 20, 1996 (5 years before the NY disaster), at New Life Christian Church, Southgate, MI accurately predicted the NY Terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001. I have shown reasons why this is not true including scripture that disagrees with his claims.

New York City, consumed by a spirit that has even taken hold of the people and caused greed. Tonight the Spirit of the Lord says my Spirit is about to burn so strongly that it will cause a fire to take place and the fire will burn everything that has no been born of my Spirit. It will take everything that has not been born of my Spirit. It will take everything that has not been born of my Spirit and I will burn it down. And God says, righteousness will prevail. I will take every dividing racial spirit and I will destroy it. I will take the cultural demons that have caused people to separate themselves and I will do something that is so mighty that it will be spoken of by people on the West Coast, says the Spirit of the Lord!

The only mending that has been seen since this prophecy was spoken in1996 is in the form of ecumenicalism (unity for the sake of peace, i.e., Catholic Church joining with Islam, etc.), which is not of God. Was this truly a prophecy from God, or man?

"If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has NOT spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him."(Deut. 18:22)

Lori Eldridge
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Kim Clement's False End Time Prophecy about Osama Ben Laden being captured in 35 days from 1-12-04

"Talk about stepping out, in Utica, NY, for those of you who don't know anything about my ministry, the Lord has given me very, very clear words about political things that have come to pass, very clear. We've had the Secret Service visit me a number of times and investigate because of these prophecies. They are more interested and they have interpretations for this that I and the church didn't even think about."

"Osama Ben Laden said that in 35 days, America, he was prophesying, predicting, that this country would be abolished basically, wiped out, because he has a plan for 35 days. And the word of the Lord came to me. the spirit of the Lord said to me, 'You prophesy that the very thing that he said and predicted for this nation, tell him, prophesy, that that is reversed, and I'm going to bring him [Osama Ben Laden] out in 35 days!' "(Kim Clement on TBN 1-12-04)"


There was another Kim Clement prophecy proven false on February 16 when Osama Ben Laden was not captured 35 days after Jan 12, 2004. In fact he wasn't captured until May 1, 2011.

Lori Eldridge
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Chuck Missler and Kim Clement

There is a rumor going around that Chuck Missler has "partnered" up with Kim Clement so I went searching and found a video of Chuck Missler discussing how Kim Clement contacted Chuck and humbly saying he (Kim) realized he had been in error and had taught a lot of things that are not true about eschatology (study of the endtimes) and anxious to repair his errors. Chuck was impressed by his sincerity and integrity.

Kim Admits to Making False Prophecies

April 15, 2004, Kim apologized to his own congregation admitting he had been teaching them wrong in the area of prophetic issues. Chuck Missler was impressed by his sincerity and integrity. Chuck made it clear that he now considers Kim a friend, HOWEVER, he is NOT promoting Kim Clement's ministry or his doctrines. This message used to be posted on his own website but was later removed and is not available on archive.org either, which is strange.

If this is indeed true that Kim Clement is no longer claiming to be a prophet then I will add more information to this article at that time. He won't be the first prophet to repent of his errors as Mark Wattenford has done so also.

Being as Kim Clement died on 11-20-16 from a brain tumor. I hope he truly repented from his errors.

For those who claim that you should not speak against an "anointed prophet": According to scripture we are COMMANDED to judge the teachings of others and name names. For more information check out Judging Others

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